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October 2004, Vienna Philarmoniker
auctioned 15 monster coins. All of them sold
within 24 hours at $500.000 a piece.
This is the largest coin in the world: 1000
ounces, 24k gold.

I am holding a 754.95 oz. ingot, Justh &
Hunter of 900 fineness, year 1857 California
gold, Serial# 4051 retrieved from S.S. Central
America (sunken ship).

Retired computer engineer trading rare coins
and foreign currency

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From: Tr Cojoc

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

I am specifically addressing individuals who want to work from home on
a very low budget.   

Many people are making a living from home, selling all kinds of products
and services on the Internet; many more are looking for jobs from
home. The Internet is a very powerful environment that allows anybody
to work from home and make a good living. It is the easiest way to start
your own business, as long as you know what to do.

Is it possible to make money working from home?

Does it cost a lot of money to get started? No.

As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can
start with zero investment. Once you have learned the ropes and start
making money, you will know exactly when and where to invest, mostly
to increase efficiency.
The purpose of this site is to get you started. I want to help you learn Internet
. Once you mastered that, you will make money.

I do not pretend to be a marketing guru. I am a retired computer engineer. During my
long career as a design engineer, I traded options, gold and foreign currency part-
time. I used the Internet extensively to promote my part-time endeavors. Over the
years, I accumulated dozens of “how-to” Internet marketing books and read them all.

I learned that there is no secret in succeeding in any business. It is only common
sense, dedication and a lot of work. Website positioning with the search engines is
fundamental for achieving a constant flow of visitors/prospects. There is a race to get
to the first page and everybody is competing. Is it possible to get there? Yes, in the
long term. There are short term very effective dynamic strategies that can make you
money immediately as well as help you build for a long and sustained term.   

Internet Marketing is not that complicated once you learn the concept. Take a look
at eBay.

eBay has been so successful because it perfected the Internet marketing. Just look
how it is organized. You look for a certain item, such as a car part. You start with the
car model and year, and eventually it shows only the specific components you are
looking for. All search engines are trying to do the same when someone is searching
using the browser.

However, the search engines do not deal with precise part numbers and car models.
They have to interpret what people are asking for, and that is not easy to do. The
merchants and service providers are trying to do the same thing: Guess what the
potential customer is looking for when they search.

Let’s assume, you are the middle person, and you can see what your potential
prospects are looking for, and you also know how to reach them ahead of your
competition. You show up (virtually speaking) in front of your prospects. You will be in a
winning position.

It’s that possible?
Yes it is. You might be surprised that it can be done at no expense,
as long as you have the time. The time and effort is your cost. When you start making
money, you can trade money for time.

In the world of Internet, we talk about marketing products or services, but in reality we
WORDS and more importantly PHRASES. It is a virtual environment where
people are requesting and the marketers deliver real products/services based on
written requests. Understanding the language is very important in executing our
marketing strategy.

It is very easy to get products to promote as an affiliate that pay quite well per sale.
The difficult part is dealing with the competition. The more demand for a certain
product there is, the larger the competition.

There are two ways to compete successfully. One is to target a very narrow niche that
happened to be neglected by your competition. The other is targeting high demand
niche with high competition. Different marketing strategies that work must be
implemented for each. The high demand strategy, interestingly enough, will bring you
profits much faster than the niche strategy. However, both have to be implemented in
parallel and if done correctly, you will end up with a stream of profits almost on

I am recommending the tools I am using and can attest to their claims as being genuine
and certainly helpful. These tools are especially valuable for beginners, although
anybody can benefit as the Internet technology is changing constantly.

The Google Traffic PUMP System

This eBook is very instructive. Hands-on strategies are explained and implemented
using Google tools. All Google tools are available from Google for free. Of course you
have to know where to look. This eBook would be worth having just to learn how to use
the Google tools alone, without any strategies explained. It is incredibly valuable. I
should know. I have been collecting “how-to” Internet marketing books for almost eight

One interesting Google tool is Google Alerts that works with Gmail. Once you are set
with your targeted keywords, Google Alerts emails to your Gmail address what site or
blog someone has made that particular request with the link attached. You can
immediately reach that site and collect the lead. Another advantage with this strategy, it
can be implemented on a free blog even if you don’t have a Website.

This eBook is available on the Internet for $47.00 and it comes with resale rights. If you
are interested in buying it, send me an email at
Tr Cojoc and I will send you a free copy
for your own use.  

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder is a software tool. It collects all the information generated by Google
Tools regarding keywords, traffic, competition and more. It is a very powerful and
necessary tool, once you are set up and ready to implement your marketing strategies.
All the strategies described in The Google Traffic PUMP System rely on selecting the
proper keywords, a lot of them. When you get more involved, selecting the proper
keywords becomes quite time consuming and that is when this software tool will
become necessary.

At this point, you don’t need the software to get started, since you can do that free
using Google Tools.

Micro Niche Finder provides some demo videos were you can get some ideas about
strategies as well as how the software works. You don’t have to buy the software to see
the demos.

The following demos shows how the software works, but most importantly it shows
some simple strategies which you can implement immediately.

Video 1:
Create Simple One Page Articles to Promote Affiliate Products
This video is very instructive. It shows how to select the topic of one page article that
my work better for your promotion than paid advertising.
Watch video!

Video 2: Create Adsense Content Pages that Pay You Residual Ad Revenue

This video shows how to select the proper keywords for your Adsense content also
provided by Google and Yahoo for free.
Watch video!

Video 3: Create Niche Market Private Label Rights Packages and Sell these for
a Quick Profit

This strategy is worth looking at if you already have an eBook or want to buy the
publishing rights. It is worth watching.
Watch video!

Video 4: Create Squidoo Lenses and claim your share of the profits generated
by the traffic

Squidoo Lenses are very popular with the search engines. Create your own and post
some information related to your product. Google, within few days will index your site. It
is another free way to promote. However, you have to know what to write. This demo
will give you some ideas.
Watch video!  

Video 5:
Create eBay feeder pages and make money when new users register
for eBay

eBay pays $25.00 for a referral by you when they register and either buy or sell
something on eBay. Find out how you can use keywords to tap this opportunity. This is
also free. Open an account with eBay and you will get all the tools to promote. Find out
how you can benefit.
Watch video!

Making money working at home.

I see people looking for ways to make money all the time. They type how to make
money, I need to make money, make extra money at home and on and on. Internet is
the perfect Environment to start working from your home. However, it takes dedication
and a lot of work. No amount of information will help, unless you apply it. Do not look
for the Holy Grail; it does not exist.

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