Hughes 1-Room DIRECTV High Definition HTL-HD Receiver with Triple LNB Dish &
Standard Installation

New DIRECTV Customers: Get the most out of your HD-capable TV with this NEW
high-definition DIRECTV satellite receiver from Hughes Network Systems. 7-day
Advanced Program Guide, multiple display formats and Dolby Digital sound.
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About Us
About Us

HDTV is finally here!  High definition media signal is here to stay by means of DVDs, cable
and satellite. Surround sound and HDTV video projection is coming home fast. It gets better
and more affordable every day.
Home Theater is finally coming home!

After listening to hundreds of home theater enthusiasts for a year or so, I decided to launch
this site to help all of you .

The task of bringing the
Movie Theater experience into your home is what I call "A Journey".
If you want to do it right , it is a long and complex process: You have to modify your room and
purchase equipment. This is not a trivial matter due to so many choices. Is the surround
sound system worth $150 or $1,500? What is the best projector for your budget?

Our mission at
Super Home Theater is to help you learn how to create your
"Home Theater".

*** Watch movies at home and feel at home! ***

Traian Cojocneanu
Super Home Theater