Speaker Placement

Front speaker placement

The front speakers should be arrayed across the front of the viewing area, as shown in Figure 5. If you plan
mostly solo viewing, arrange the speakers as shown so that your seating position is equidistant from the
left, center, and right speakers (A). If your system is used mostly for group viewing, arrange the speakers in
a straight line (B). In any case, avoid placing the center speaker closer to the viewers than the left and right
speakers (C).
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Installation and operation tips

The room

The sound of your home theater system is critically affected by your room's acoustics. These tips are designed to help you
achieve more satisfying performance. However, if you have severe acoustical problems, consider consulting a professional
home theater installer for customized assistance.

Too many bare surfaces can cause reflections that add harshness to the sound or muddy the dialogue; try adding carpeting
and/or drapes to keep them in check.

If you have a choice of rooms, avoid those that are perfectly square, or that have one dimension exactly twice another; they can
aggravate resonances that color the sound.

If possible, center the seating area between the sidewalls on which you mount the surround speakers.

The closer a speaker is placed to intersecting room surfaces-corner, wall and ceiling, wall and floor-the stronger its bass
output (possibly too strong in some cases).

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