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October 2004, Vienna Philarmoniker
auctioned 15 monster coins. All of them sold
within 24 hours at $500.000 a piece.
This is the largest coin in the world: 1000
ounces, 24k gold.

I am holding a 754.95 oz. ingot, Justh &
Hunter of 900 fineness, year 1857 California
gold, Serial# 4051 retrieved from S.S. Central
America (sunken ship).

Retired computer engineer trading rare coins
and foreign currency

Tr Cojoc
From: Tr Cojoc

This country has been in financial and economical decline for the last 50
years, mostly due to liberal policies.

Now you have an administration and a congress who totally disregards the
US Constitution.

Take a look at Illinois representative Phil Hare:

Dem Gets Burned by Tea-Partier in Constitution Fight

This was just one case. If I were you, I would take my money and run.

That's not practical for every one.

Below, I have two suggestions and I urge you to act now, before it is too late.

1. Do your loan modification as soon as you can. It will take long time for
the housing market to recover.

2. If you have some money saved, it will be safer in a Swiss Bank Account.

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