Sound proofing your room

The following article contains extensive information about how to modify or build your home theater room to
be both soundproof and sound friendly.
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Building a "floating" floor and then constructing the rest of the home theater's walls on top of this floating
structure is a common approach to achieving an isolated room. If you're considering this approach, you
should definitely consult with a professional designer and a contractor. You can use a variety of methods to
isolate a floating floor from the structure below it. Foam sheets and neoprene pads are a couple of
common isolation techniques. Place the neoprene pads, called UBoat (by Auralex) or IsoBloc (by Acoustic
Innovations), under the joists that will become the skeleton of the new floor. Then, secure plywood on top of
this skeleton. In our case, we used a foam sheet material from Owens Corning called Acoustic Floor Mat
(part of the QuietZone line of products). The 0.375-inch-thick material looks like pink foam packing material
and lays under the entire floor and up along the side edges of the walls. We placed dual layers of plywood
on top of it. With a floating floor, sounds are less likely to resonate through the floor to or from the listening

At left is the standard wall. At right there is a quiet wall. There are variations in between.
An additional benefit of a raised wood subfloor is that it absorbs some low frequencies, which is good. Otherwise, these
frequencies just reflect off of the original concrete floor. A wood floor also vibrates with low frequencies, to some extent,
creating a more-tactile experience. A raised floor that has at least a 3- or 4-inch air space under it will vibrate even more. This
technique is used in the screening rooms at Lucasfilm and Dolby Labs. Anthony's and Russ' clients like the added
low-frequency feeling as the subwoofer's bass energy transfers through the floor.
Acoustic Sciences Corporation offers a wide range of sound proofing materials and solutions. You can access the company
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ASC WallDamp

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ASC-WallDamp ends the mystery of sound proof walls,
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A thin sheet of soundproof material, WallDamp will
sound proof walls and is very easy to apply because it
is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive and release
paper on both sides.
ASC Iso-Wall System

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Room Construction -

A high performance audio room has to have more
than just sound proof walls, it has to be free from
wall shudder or any other tympanic resonance while
acting as a giant membrane bass trap throughout
the first two octaves of sound, the entire range of
the subwoofer.

Iso-Wall, is a sound proof wall construction system
for soundproofing Home Theaters, HiFi rooms and
Recording Studios.
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