First part of this sections "Inspiration", contains ideas about how you can convert your room or basement
into a theater. It has to do more with stimulating your imagination. The second part,
"Sound Proof"
contains information about how to turn your room into a music box.

Change your basement into a first-class Home Theater
This site is promoting drafting and drawing software. I have no affiliation with it. What attracted me to this
site is the attention to detail, from design to execution involving
ALL elements: Structure and electronics.

Please read the whole story at:

It takes you from the drawing board to construction.

It starts here:
...and ends here    >>>>>>>>>>>>>

It teaches you how to design the structure, modify the
walls, soundproof the room, position your speaker and
the projector (front projection) and turn your basement
into a true "Theater". The only thing not covered is were
to get the popcorn machines.

read it.  You will love it.
Steve's Home Theater

This is another wonderful story. The remarkable thing about it is Steve's creativity. I am sure it costs some money,
and Steve is the only one who knows how much. Pay attention on how Steve and his associates did this.

Please look and read the whole story at:

Look at the end result. Can you believe that this has been created in a normal humble house? Watch below this
picture where it started. You will be surprised.
Steve's project started with a drawing
And this is the room  where it all started > > > > > >
Please read and enjoy.
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