The technology developed over decades for the movie industry is available to you by means of DVD
media and soon TV broadcasting. Wide screen television, projection equipment and surround
sound systems specifically designed for home theater, are advertised daily and available through
local stores.

What is a home theater?

A home theater is an audio/video playback system that approximates in your home the experience
of seeing - and hearing - a film in a cinema. Setting up a home theater can be as simple as adding
a compact surround sound system to the TV set in your family room, or as complex as building a
dedicated viewing room equipped with elaborate built-in speakers, massive amplifiers, and a
big-screen front-projection TV system.

Look at the picture above. It is the sketch of a properly designed home theater. The room, seating,
speakers positioned in the right place, big screen and a projector.

Do you know how to get from this sketch to reality?

Do you know what's behind the walls and how are they constructed?
The purpose of this site is to help you get from the sketch to reality.
Movies - Video and Sound
Surround sound makes the difference
Surround sound, which is what turns conventional TV viewing into home theater, originates from program material
such as DVDs that have multichannel soundtracks.

The multiple channels are reproduced by three speakers across the front of the viewing area, and surround
speakers to either side. The result is sound that transports you into the world of you're watching; you feel less like a
passive viewer and more like an active participant
Do you know the meaning of the “sweet spot”?  Learn more about the best system room setup for your needs and
the proper selection of speakers and their placement.
How about the room
Do you know how to make a “quiet room”?  

Find them all here:
TD Projectors
Screens or painted wall
The correct screen is essential whether you buy it or build it yourself…

Projection screens - better than a plain white wall?

Projection screens cost money. So every day we get emails asking, "Can't I just use a plain white wall
and save the screen expense?" The answer is simple: Absolutely you can! And you can save money
by putting regular gas in your Porsche also. It will run, you just won't get the best performance out of it.

You can build the screen yourself or just paint the wall.  
You just better know what you are doing!

Projection Equipment
Understand projection equipment, terminology and everything that is important to make the right

The above topics will be covered on the following pages. Watch the side tabs and top tabs. They
contain the name of the subject covered.
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Home Theater Design
There is only one TiVo
Home Theater Overview
Movies - Video and Sound is all digital and becoming more affordable every day. The sophisticated
movie technology is available for your home theater.

Here is why:

DVDs can have up to a 300% sharper image than VHS; therefore, the actual visuals are much
sharper and can more comfortably display movies in their original, wide screen format.  Most
DVDs are only available in wide screen.

Digital TVs are going to be wider than existing TVs; therefore they will be more capable of
displaying wide screen movies. (Lois and Clark and Babylon 5 are actually filmed in wide screen)
Although HDTV's will be wider than existing TVs, they will not be in a full aspect ratio of 2.35:1;
therefore, there will still be a need for letterboxing on movies which are wider than 1.85:1, but the
"black bar" effect will be reduced.

Surround sound first showed up with Walt Disney's "Fantasia" in 1941. To show the movie with
surround sound, a movie theater had to spend $85,000 for a special setup that included custom
loudspeakers and required two projectors, one running the film and one track of audio plus a
second one dedicated to four special audio tracks.

Because of the expense, the full surround-sound system was only installed in two theaters: One in
Los Angeles and the other in New York.
Super Home Theater
J&R Computer/Music World
Boston Acoustics VS Series S336PF