The Home Theater Connection Guide
The Sony Guide to Home Theater

This manual contains  just about everything about Home Theater technology. They should know. Sony is not
just a leader in home electronics. It is also a major player and investor in multimedia content. This manual is
definitely worth studying.

Full manual is available in .pdf format.

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The Sony Guide to Home Theater to download your manual.


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This what you will find:
Home Theater Network depicts a generic interconnect block diagram with all possible input/output configurations:
HDMI, DVI, digital coaxial, fiber optic, USB, firewire, S-Video, component, VGA, and many more.

Talking about connections isn't very exciting. However, they are crucial in getting the best-quality signal from your
source components to your playback components. Here is a list of sites that cover  the basic needs for
interconnecting your home theater equipment:

Home Theater

RAM Electronics

Home Theater People